Eben Sorkin founder of Sorkin Type. Photo Credit: Viktoria Vass

Custom type

A well-designed bespoke font project can:

  • - Reduce costs vs. conventional licensing
  • - Enhance identity
  • - Create "buzz" or increased attention
  • - Improve function
  • - Adapt to new technologies/media

Our clients range from established multinationals such as Google and Facebook; to startups and small business.

Our fonts can be made to support a variety of langauges and scripts.

The style we work in is not set. Instead it is wholly dependent on the needs of our clients.

Of course sometimes you don't need something new. Often we can adapt and improve existing type as well.

Licensing fonts

Web and print editions of Sorkin Type fonts will begin to be available for licensing in the second half of this year. OEM licenses will also be available.

Pushing boundries

Sorkin Type has been proud to work as a tester of a new Autohinter called True Type Autohint or TTFA. We believe this tool will become invaluable for type foundries both large and small.

Eben Sorkin

Sorkin Type was incorporated in 2011. Since then, we have made 60 open source fonts for Google Fonts.In late 2013, commercial versions of the most popular fonts will be available. The fonts will be expanded to include design refinements, more styles and OpenType features. Eben Sorkin is pround to serve on its board of ATypI.