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ttfautohint Dave Crossland, Eben Sorkin
ATypI, 2012 - Hong Kong, China

Screens are becoming primary
IStype, 2012 - Istanbul, Turkey

Letter recognition, legibility, readability and crowding
ATypI, 2010 - Dublin, Ireland

A dramatically different approach to type design
TypeCon 2010 - Los Angeles, USA

Contextual letterforms - ATypI 2008
St. Petersburg, Russia

Reviews and articles

Type review: Best of 2012: Turnip Typographica 2012 (coming soon)

Article: Designing Fonts for Screens, Lapikon, Editor: Ewa Satalecka 2012

Type review: Best of 2009 Marat Typographica

Type review: Best of 2008 Urbana Typographica

Type review: Best of 2008 Olicana Typographica

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